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After having taught botany for more than 25 years, Jean Baptiste Pasquet, eager to stage his own landscape creations, created the company Adelfo.  
Very sensitive to nature and its great balances, he wishes to set up an alternative landscape model in which the aquatic and terrestrial environments are taken into account as a whole.  
His thinking focused on meeting the needs and
requirements of men without upsetting nature, in its greatest respect.

All of its specific technical expertise implemented in swimming pools and natural gardens has focused on this imperative need to jointly satisfy man and the nature that surrounds him.

After 15 years of experience, Jean Baptiste PASQUET wished to pass on his know-how before retiring.

He who frequents the wise becomes wise...
the Bible

It was a childhood and adolescence in West Africa that gave Jonathan his taste for nature, art and a sensitivity to environmental issues.

Back in France, he devoted himself to studies of landscaping, but an artificial vision that was too overrated, designed with forceps , and often intolerant of the existing environment turned him away .
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There, he no longer finds the approach to the landscape as he experienced it in Africa: a landscape mixed with natural beauty, authenticity, simplicity, with the backbone of saving water.
A reorientation led him to teach  in History Geography. It is simultaneously committed to raising awareness of the challenges of global warming. This often brings him very directly back to his  commitments in his own existence .

"He who accepts evil without fighting against it, cooperates with it"                                                Martin Luther King

He decides to take his place in the change
  of our environmental model which imposes itself on humanity. He then resigned from teaching to be in agreement with his convictions and take part in this change.
It was then that he met Jean Baptiste PASQUET.

From a meeting could be born another life.

                                       Vincent Thomas Rey 

From the first exchange, the current passed. Finally, Jonathan found an echo to his aspirations, better, Jean baptiste was going to share with him the enthusiasm of this great adventure...
A successful delivery...

For a year, Jonathan trained alongside Jean Baptiste who shared with him his vision, the techniques he experienced in the field and his sensitive approach to the garden.

Jonathan passionately takes over the Adelfo company in permanent exchange with Jean Baptiste.

« Ne doutez jamais qu'un petit groupe d'individus conscients et engagés puisse changer le monde. C'est même de cette façon que cela s'est toujours produit. »

                                                                                    Margareth Mead

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