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Designer of natural swimming pools and gardens

Authenticity & Serenity

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More than a stream of thoughts

If nature could finally express itself... if we knew how to listen to it, dialogue, commune with it...

This is what Adelfo has been offering for more than 15 years by creating natural gardens and swimming pools in which nature and humanity come together. Natural Mediterranean gardens where aesthetics are rooted in biodiversity...

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Our gardens are said to be "natural" because they are inspired by nature, its beauty, its simplicity, its strength and its resilience.

This knowledge of nature and its balances is learned by observing, listening and remaining in contact with it on a permanent basis.

In this context of global warming, we choose not to be spectators, but to act, at our level. We create aesthetic gardens in which the scarcity of water is taken into account, where biodiversity is celebrated, gardens consistent with the local landscape, respectful of the environment, the history and the know-how of the place.



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